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Protein Bars Ingredients

Finding a natural, real food protein bar isn’t easy. We get it. And when you have allergies, it can seem like the only option is to simply not eat them. Here’s how to get to know your protein bars and pick one that’s safe for you.

Allergens found in protein bars

The best option for those with allergies is to look for a more natural snack bar with extra protein, as they tend to be lower allergy.

The common allergens are dairy, soy and peanuts and whilst the bar itself may be free of those ingredients, the facility where it was made may unfortunately pose a contamination risk. The risk of cross contamination mean a warning statement must be put on the pack. As a consumer, we have no idea on how well separated the allergens are. And what is deemed acceptable practice in one factory can be completely different in another. The consequences can be life-threatening for highly allergic people.

Low allergy with high quality protein

Many low allergen protein bars utilise plant based protein to boost the protein content. However, plant based proteins like rice or pea protein, are incomplete, lacking some of the essential amino acids. Soy protein is the only complete plant-based protein, however is a common allergen and has further issues associated with it, including potential neurotoxins, digestive upsets and mineral interaction issues.

The perfect protein source

We have selected egg white as our protein source and for good reason. Unless you have an egg allergy (which is actually very rare in adults) or you are vegan, egg whites are a perfect replacement for dairy protein and a more complete source than plant protein.

Egg white protein is an extremely high quality protein, rich in the branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) that promote protein and muscle synthesis in the boy.

The Bioavailability Scale ranks protein sources based on how well your body can absorb them. The egg is the benchmark protein, that all others are measured against as the perfect match to human requirements.

Protein Bars Powered by Egg Whites

When you combine the powerful protein that is egg white, with all natural ingredients like fruit and nuts, you get a protein bar that can really meet all of your needs.

Protein bars are a quick and convenient way to add protein to your diet and support your healthy, active lifestyle. Avoiding your own potential allergens, finding a natural and real food protein bar can be a great way to improve your health.

At Googys we offer allergy-friendly protein snacking with all natural ingredients to promote digestion health.

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When you combine this powerful protein source with all natural ingredients like fruit and nuts you get a protein bar that can really meet all your needs.

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