Our Promise

Life is good when we keep it simple.

Our vision is for a world where foods for an active healthy lifestyle are closer to nature and easy for everyone to grab and go. Where simplicity is valued and shared. Where life isn’t complicated and nutrition isn’t either. We wanted more people to know there was a better, simpler way.

We promise to help you find the balance in healthy eating, looking beyond the fads and pressures. Our health philosophy is built on our belief that good food creates a good mood, for wellness of body and mind. Using complete ingredients that deliver the essential macros we need in balance – complete protein, low complex carbs and good fats.

Googys is about real food, real simple, that’s our promise. With small business family values and simplicity shared.

Paul & Lea

We’re out to do good!

Good ingredients

If you’re not mad for whey protein, cereal ingredients, additives, preservatives, over processed, long ingredient lists, or flavourless, big chewy bars, then you’ll love Googys.

Good energy

Protein gives us energy, but we’re interested in only good energy! The good vibes come from eating real food that our bodies and minds can work with. Ditch the allergens that bring us down and up the complete wholefoods that fuel our body and mind. Good mood, good food. Great energy.

Good to go

The Googys range keeps you on the go from breakfast and all throughout the day. Our easy pancakes, fast shake smoothies and protein bars for keto or paleo will keep you coming back, knowing you’re onto a good thing.

free range chickens outside in the sunshine

What’s so good about egg whites?

Did you know that egg whites are a complete protein source, providing all 9 essential amino acids? This balance and quantity matches our human requirements better than all other proteins with a bioavailability that makes it a superior choice. Simply put, it’s why we’ve put all of our eggs in the one basket! With the low calorie complete protein of egg white paired with nutrient rich wholefoods, we found the better way to create the perfect snack for you.