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Benefits of Protein Bars

Protein bars are a really convenient way to boost your protein intake. We all hear how important it is to consume enough protein, particularly with an active lifestyle.

We find the two common situations where you reach for a protein bar are:

  1. As a workout supplement
  2. As a snack

Protein Bars as a Workout Supplement

One of the many benefits of a protein bar is its convenience. Being able to quickly consume a bar right when your body needs protein and carbohydrates, within 30 minutes of your workout. Much easier than carrying around a blender or having to prepare meals before hand.

A protein bar with a combination of natural complex carbs and a high quality protein replaces lost glycogen, repair and build muscle. It’s important to look for a bar that contains real food rather than complex ingredients that your body may not digest well. You’re living a healthy lifestyle and moving your body, so choose natural nutrients that your body can absorb. It’s why our bars have 7 or less ingredients without dairy, gluten or sugar alcohols. You can read more here about the ingredients we combine to create our perfect protein bars.

Protein for pre-workout

Protein bars benefit you pre-workout, especially if you like to exercise straight after work. A protein bar pre-workout increases your energy levels for the gym when consumed about 2 hours before your workout begins. If you’re in the 9 to 5, that gives you your ideal afternoon snack around 3pm.

This 2 hour window gives your body time to digest the nutrients and turn it into available energy. It might also stop you from eating an unhealthy snack, like the cake someone brought in to the office!

One of the unspoken benefits is mindset. When you eat a protein bar pre-workout you’ve made a mental commitment to go to the gym. Don’t waste it!

Protein Bar Benefits As A Snack

Snacking is one activity that can quickly lead to weight gain. However if you choose healthy snacks they can actually have the opposite effect. Eating a protein bar such as Googys, as a snack, can help to regular hunger due to it’s protein content that satiates your appetite. That means that you’re less likely to eat again quickly. With the right balance of carbs and protein you can minimise hunger for 2-3 hours. On the run, without the time for a sit down meal? Then a protein bar with that balance of protein and carbohydrates, and only real food ingredients can act as a meal replacement.

What about the carbs in a protein bar

Carbohydrates get a very bad rap when it comes to protein bars. However real food comes in a balance of nutrients. The carbohydrate content of the bar you eat is important, however most important is their form. Are the carbs from a natural source such as fruit that will have a slow energy release? Or are they from an added sugar that will cause a rapid energy spike followed by a low that sees you reaching for another snack sooner?

Ideally your body will use the carbohydrate content as energy over the first hour and then utilise the protein for another one to two hours following.

As a pre-workout supplement, a low carb protein bar isn’t ideal. Without carbohydrate, you’re missing out on an energy source that will improve your workout.

As a post workout supplement, carbohydrates replace lost glycogen that helps your muscles to recover faster. So unless you’re on a ketosis diet, we recommend shifting your focus away from worrying about the carbs in a protein bar. Instead pay attention to the source of the carbs as natural is always better.

Does a protein bar make a healthy snack even without a workout?

Protein bars are heavily marketed to sports people. To those working out, building bulk, hanging from a cliff or pumping iron. But you don’t have to be expending huge energy to enjoy and benefit from a protein bar.

As a snack, a real food protein bar is a perfect replacement for a muffin or chocolate bar! You’re avoiding added sugar, refined carbohydrates and empty calories. Choose a protein bar that has ingredients you recognise and the balance of carbohydrates and protein will fill you up much longer than a chocolate bar.

Why Googys real food protein bars

For those that live active healthy lifestyles, protein bars are a staple. And for those who only want healthy snacks, you want something that tastes great without the guilt.

We created our bars to give you a high quality, complete protein source exclusively from egg white, nuts and fruit. Real food, real simple. All natural, simple ingredients give out healthy protein bars a pure delicious taste.

Shop now for Googys real food protein bars and start a healthy obsession.