Our Story

I was born into a world of sweets and chocolate. The second son of a family of confectioners, I grew up playing on sacks of sugar, learning how to manufacture lollies, and getting loads of dental fillings! 


Lolly’s were good, low in fat, a treat, but not all that bad. I even met my wife Lea at a national confectionery conference 🙂  


But as I got older my waist started to bulge and my health decline. I was making and eating heaps of chocolate and lollies in our family business and hadn’t made the connection between low energy, frequent colds, and the amount of refined sugar and bad fats I was eating.


I felt like I was either sick or getting sick all of the time. A doctor diagnosed me with chronic fatigue syndrome which kicked off my interest in health and wellness.


I started trying different approaches: cleansing diets, intravenous vitamin c, juicing diets, fasting diets, high protein, low carb diets. I exercised (when I could), did a boot camp and took enough pills to keep a pharmacy in business. Nothing worked sustainably.


The turning point came when I discovered first paleo, and now JERF (Just Eat Real Food). Eating clean and real foods is an unbelievably simple way to lose weight and get healthy.


So after much consideration Lea and I decided to get out of the sugar industry and make products we could eat, give to our children, and feel proud of. We sold the lolly business and created Googys. We are not just some brand marketers or a faceless conglomerate… we are a passionate small family business who make everything ourselves and stand behind our product. And in case you’re wondering, we choose the name because we both grew up calling eggs “Googy eggs”… which is a bit of an Aussie thing.


Googys is a real food healthy snack that is super easy for when you’re in a rush (like us most mornings). Googys tastes good and fills you up.  


Why Eggs?

Eggs are the real deal as nutritional powerhouses. Egg whites naturally contain very high levels of protein that has the most bioavailable fit for human digestion and absorption compared to other proteins. There are also no chemical extraction processes or solvents to “isolate” or “concentrate” the protein like many dairy and vegetable sources use. Just a gentle drying that also pasteurises the egg whites, making them perfectly safe to eat. Eggs are what our grandparents ate and what our ancestors would recognise as food. And all Googys egg whites are certified free range. 


Googys is real food nutrition that your body will love and needs.


Paul & Lea