High protein egg whites with low carbs, good fats…simple.

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Life is good when we keep it simple.

And the humble egg delivers. Enjoy snacks with the natural protein of egg whites paired with real food ingredients to keep you healthy and energised, anywhere, anytime. With Googys you don’t need to overthink grabbing food on the go. We’re all about simplicity and goodness…shared with you.

Dairy Free

We found a way with no whey…our range is powered by egg whites for a so-good taste and texture.

Gluten Free

We’re nuts about nuts, not grains. Our products are gluten free for a simpler snack that’s kind on your body.

No Added Sugar

Life is also good when it’s just a little bit sweet! We include only natural sweetness, never adding refined sugar.

Customer Love

These pancakes are the closest thing to real pancakes that I have tried. Try adding a bit of googys protein powder in with the mix and a bit of extra almond milk for an extra protein hit. I will be buying these as a staple in my household as they are the best out of any protein pancake combo i have ever made - and Ive had a lot! Theyre nice and fluffy and i get about 4-5 decent size pancakes!


I love blueberry flavour. It's the best one in my opinion. Thanks for making a protein bar that's healthy. I hate all the sweet ones and I need dairy free so these are a god send.


Just purchased my first box of these bars. I have tried many protein bars that are filled with sweeteners, protein powders and a lot of crap basically that really seems to upset my tummy. OMG I was impressed they taste great! Texture is soft like a brownie with no protein powders used, just egg whites and natural ingredients, Wasn’t too keen on the coffee flavour, but that is probably because I don’t really like coffee lol. Other flavours are great, loved them so much just ordered a box of choc sea salt (my favourite).


Tasty as is, even better heated up in the microwave. 10/10 recommend!


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